Tips to illuminate a dressing

Would you spare a room at home? Well, if you love clothes and accounts with so many clothes, accessories and shoes closet does not serve to store it all, we recommend that you take advantage to illuminate a dressing room. If you decant this option you should keep in mind that the space should be organized and ordered to find what you’re looking for without complications. In fact, the ideal is that you can have all your clothes in sight. It must also be wide enough so you can try on clothing comfortably. Logically, there must also be a mirror so you can see how the outfit chosen for each time you has left.

It will not help you follow strictly the advice just given you if your closet is not properly lit, since you will not see the clothes clearly and you cannot really see how you are garments. So today we give you some tips to illuminate this space that is the dream of many men and women. Want to join us?

 illuminate a dressing

Enhance natural light

Undoubtedly, the best light we can find is natural. Therefore, it is essential to promote it to the fullest. So, if you’re lucky enough to have windows in this room, we recommend that you do not place furniture in front to not interfere with the passage of sunlight. Also, if you’re going to put curtains, the ideal is that they are clear and light fabrics. Whether tell or not with natural light, the best choice to enhance the brightness is betting on light colors for both walls and furniture pieces. In addition, these shades will make the space appear larger than it actually is.

The most suitable white light

As for artificial lighting, it is advisable to opt for white lights, which are best mimic natural light. So, not only you can better see the colors, but you can see how the clothes will once you’re outside your home. If you go for intense or yellow lights, the colors seem less bright than they actually are.

Different points of light

If the stay does not have different points and going to decorate the dressing from scratch we recommend rewiring with the aim of artificial light remains spread throughout the space. And it is that having one central light is not recommended. Thus, the ideal is to opt for lights that are adjustable to allow you to light inside the dressing room. A good solution is to place several light bulbs approximately 20 cm closet. In any case, it is essential that you avoid as far as possible the play of light and shadow. If you do not want rewiring and you only have a single point of light, ideally opt for a different lamp with adjustable spotlights illuminate to entire stay or for a large ceiling.

Lights inside the cabinet

Whether or not change the electrical installation, it is advisable to internally illuminate the closets, something you can do, for example, through the LEDs. The good news is that today can be found on the market numerous options such as LED strips flexible and adhesive. It can also be good idea to put on the shelves LINESTRAS to better see the clothes. It is best that the lights inside the cabinet are lit directly by opening the doors.

Illuminating the mirror

Of course, it is also essential to illuminate well the mirror. In this sense, it can be a great idea to place a wall lamp on each side. Finally, we comment that is not a bad idea to place a central lamp decorative (eg spider type) if it has spread throughout the room artificial light.