Why you Shouldn’t DIY your Garden

The garden is a major part of any living space, especially in a warm climate, such as Western Australia, and with so much involved in keeping the garden looking good, it is wise to employ the services of a landscape gardener. There are two aspects of a garden, the creation and the upkeep, and unless one happens to be a retired landscaper with time on one’s hands, it is best left to the experts.

Landscaping a garden

This begins long before one takes hold of a rake, with the initial design on paper, which will give the landscaper something to work from. Before designing the garden area, one should think about what one wants from a garden. It might be a place to spend summer days on the terrace, with a nice rockery nearby that is pleasing to the eye. The other important point to consider is maintenance, as the garden that is created, must be maintained. Grassy lawns are lovely, yet require constant care in order to maintain that just-mowed look.


Always the first concern when designing a garden, and one must first look at what trees are already present on the site. If they are not required, call in a tree specialist, who can safely top or remove any tree, large or small, and that includes a stump-grinding service, to completely remove the tree both above and below the ground. There are qualified tree Surgeons in WA that can remove any unwanted trees, and suggest planting some that will give the owner benefits in the future.


Safety for oneself, and the surrounding properties, dictates that any tree surgery must be carried out by a qualified tree specialist, who has public liability insurance to cover any damage caused by the tree removal or lopping. Working above ground level with a chainsaw is not for the inexperienced, and this is the cause of many domestic accidents, which stemmed from the house owner thinking they could easily accomplish the task unaided.


This should take place before any other work is carried out, and there are professional tree loppers in Perth that can regularly prune, keeping the trees in good condition, and making sure they do not affect power lines.

Professional know-how

Creating a garden from scratch might look easy, but it is a very skilled profession, and if one wants to make the most of that coveted area, calling in a landscape gardener at the design stage is essential. The expert will soon understand the owner’s concept, and will more than likely be able to suggest cost-effective ways to achieve that look, and by using the available resources, a new garden shouldn’t break the bank.

Garden maintenance

This is another area where a landscape contractor can come in handy, as they also maintain gardens on a contract basis. Some people might prefer a weekly visit, to mow the lawns, tidy up the border, and generally clean up. Others like to potter in the garden, and may only require a monthly visit for pruning.

Gardening can be relaxing, but if one is a career person with limited time, perhaps it is better to call in the experts to take care of the gardening, while one spends that much-needed downtime with the family.