Rustic furniture in colors with worn effect

Rustic furniture have always seemed charming furniture, because the shape and style bring personality and elegance to any room, but how would you like to change the color? Sometimes we can find rustic furniture are somewhat worn and the color has lost its charm, and a way to give more life is able to change color and it is perfect for the room you choose.

Rustic furniture painted in white or any other color provide a bright and well suited to your personal taste style. There are some finishing techniques that will get the furniture bright white or another color bring you life and vitality. It is necessary that the color you choose matches the rest of the decor of the room. Want to learn how to transform old rustic furniture rustic furniture colors?

rustic furniture

Sand the wood

If you want to get a good finish the first step is the most important of all to start work: sanding wood rustic furniture. Thus, in addition to remove all the old paint you will get the furniture look more rustic and antique than it really is. To make it look natural wear, you can not do it with a coarse sandpaper and focus on areas that tend to wear out first as the seat armrests or if it is a chair or a rocker.

Sanding is a simple process and so can remove all the paint and also create a very interesting effect of wear. Even if the part is already worn only Focus on removing paint or mold as you like. A palm sander is a good idea to sand if the cabinet is too large and if you have to remove a lot of paint can make it faster.

Create dents

Although it is not usual there are people who prefer to create dents in furniture to give effect even older and even scratches to look like is older than it actually has. You can use a sock full of nuts and hit the cabinet randomly to produce some damage. You can even use a hammer or heavy chain well. When creating these dents can create the effect of antiquity that many people love it, but beware, if you spend can create an effect of impaired not like at all.


If you choose bright white paint would be ideal but if you like another color will also be welcome, but remember to make the necessary effect is not worn paint with too many layers. You have to imagine how it would look if the furniture had been years in the sun. To recreate that is also appropriate to use varnish and brush the piece. A cloth can clean the paint while it is still wet paint to make it look even more worn. You can even use a brush with brown gouache painting to recreate random dark spots on some parts of the furniture.

The paint layers

Some rustic furniture may have been through a lot in recent years and to recreate can paint over another color like yellow or white, having several layers of colors give the feeling that the furniture has been painted several times, so it will look even older than it is already. If sanding through the layers in areas more normal wear can see the different colors and even bare wood … As in old furniture that have been serving for generations.