Rustic bathroom decor

The rustic style brings to any room a familiar, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and it is best to do regardless of size. Bedrooms, living rooms, terraces, kitchens, bathrooms … and it is in this last room in which I want to focus. If you want to decorate your bathroom rustic, you must follow a few guidelines, all very simple to understand and apply.

It is recommended that if you decorate a rustic bathroom use this style also in other rooms, so that does not clash much, so the atmosphere will be more general and all your household will benefit from their properties. Let’s see how to get success decorating a rustic bathroom decor:

rustic bathroom decor


It is one of the most important aspects, so you should take this into account with priority. Earthy colors are most suitable, especially the range of browns in any key or ocher, and can even combine them with other lighter to provide more light.


There is no doubt that the tiles have a major role in the bathrooms, whatever your style. In the case of rustic bathrooms, it is best to be stone tiles provide a spectacular setting and aesthetics is the most beautiful you can find. Its appearance is compact, strong and very attractive, definitely recommended 100%.


It is very common that the bathrooms do not have good lighting, because they usually have very small windows and in some cases not even have them. The lighting system that best fits this style baths is shaped appliques old lanterns, oil lamps similar to traditional pieces, and if they are forging be great.


The rustic furniture is characterized by wooden undoubtedly essential to provide a more natural, warm, familiar and comfortable atmosphere. Know the most classic designs that retain the original color of the wood. You can use other elements in wood or stone, such as pallets, boxes or storage systems. If you want something more original, commitment tin pails like a sink, for example.


The most suitable for a rustic bathroom decor faucets are classic cut, color can be gold, silver or bronze.

Shower or bath?

Finally, the great dilemma in any bathroom, whether the style is: Do I get a bath or shower? In this style it fits much better a bath, especially if brass.