Ramp Up Your Curb Appeal

Have you just purchased a new home? Have you neglected the exterior of a home that you’ve lived in for a while?  It’s never too late to ramp up the curd appeal.  The results are not only welcoming but add value to what is probably one of the largest investments you’ve made. Follow these recommendations from the professionals for giving the exterior of your home the face lift it needs.

Standing across the street from your home take critical look at the exterior. Make a list of items that need attention. Start with the landscaping, evaluate the entryway and finally note any exterior improvements needed. Make a list of items needed from your local home improvement store and take advantage of savings offered by Groupon and call Uber to request a truck.

curb-appeal-homeEnsure that the lawn is mowed, beds are edged and fresh pine straw or pine bark is spread.  All trees should be trimmed at least eight feet from the ground and away from the house.  Shrubbery should be trimmed to below the height of the windows. This will allow plenty of natural light to enter the home and give a clear view of the house from the street.

If needed, add a fresh coat of paint to the front door, remove or repair aged storm or screen doors and update the lighting as necessary. Consider installing new house numbers large enough to be seen from the street. Add a few flower pots to the front steps and replace the door mat as needed.

Finally, clean and repair gutters as necessary and consider a fresh coat of paint on shutters to compliment the color of the home’s exterior and front door.  You’ve just spent a weekend and a less than $100 to give your home the makeover it needs for a fresh curb appeal. Welcome home!