Decorated with Japanese style furniture

The Japanese style furniture is summarized in one word: Zen. The simplicity of the designs in the Japanese culture is starring with Japanese furniture decoration. They are thousands of years full of tradition influencing the architecture and interior design aesthetic, which makes the result in this type of interior decoration is very serene and culture.

The Japanese style decor always rotates at a clean, uncluttered life, where balance, order and love for the natural beauty are very important. Here I will talk about some very important things to consider if you want to decorate your home with Japanese furniture or any room in your house.

japanese style furniture

Nature elements

Japanese culture loves and respects nature and a way of doing decorating with Japanese furniture is having a strong connection to the natural world. Your furniture should reflect this along with other elements such as adding Japanese plants next to your furniture or above them. You can also consider bonsai and bamboo will give your home a very Japanese cultural touch.

Large windows, screens and sliding doors

In Japanese culture it is very important to have large windows to let in the maximum natural light as this will give great happiness and harmony to every room. It is also important to have sliding doors to maximize space to the fullest and if you also want to divide the same room in two different spaces placing a screen can be a success. An authentic Japanese Shoji screen is called and it really is an essential element in Japanese furniture houses.

Wood and bamboo furniture

One of the best ways to harmonize the nature at home is adding furniture and natural elements of your home. So you can not miss the wood. If you want a lifestyle consistent with the environment and caring nature that gives us shelter on this planet, the best option is to have wooden furniture that are made from bamboo wood. Bamboo is environmentally friendly, durable and also more economical than other types of wood.

The furniture and the Japanese style

The furniture as I have said before should be simple and well selected. You should not have rooms full of furniture for different purposes as a separate living room and television room. Most of the furniture in Japan are low furniture.

For example when it comes to the tea ceremony they are usually put cushions on the floor and furniture resignation to incorporate more than the low table. It is a way to mimic the aesthetics of simple design as the incorporation of lower furniture like beds box spring without legs, prettily sofas, etc.

And even and you can use a table as a low table on the floor surrounded by pillows as a means to dinner, you could even take a romantic touch to your home!

Minimalist furniture

The Japanese style furniture is a simple style with clean lines in furniture, exactly as in the minimalist style. The disorder is not welcome in the home so the furniture should be simple but with compartments to hide all the visual clutter. Although in an authentic Japanese house they may even have almost furniture.

But if you want Japanese furniture you have to maintain a simple and neat design. The furniture can be modern, with clean lines and soft, of course, natural wood. All the furniture you have in your home with Japanese style will have to have a purpose in decorating, but has no place in your home.