Indoor Vertical Gardens Ideas

There is no more natural, ecological and simple that we propose decorative plants. Both exterior and interior of the housing, indoor vertical gardens are perfect allies to give us multiple furnishing solutions only require a little pampering from us. Here we briefly discuss about indoor vertical gardens ideas.

For this type of indoor gardens help us to dress our classrooms, hallways or kitchens, with the additional advantage that just take up space and many other benefits that we will see throughout this post.

indoor vertical gardens

Before explaining how you can make yourself / your vertical garden, we present various formulas for you to choose the one you like and who marry with the style of your home. You must take into account its location, structure and space you have available, in addition to the local climate conditions and specific care of the chosen plants.

Our garden bet against a wall

Choose the wall of your house where you are installing the panel that after cultivate plants. Must take into account all the factors explained above and choose your size and even shape (not always have to be square). Then and before planting, we organize how we pay it and water it.

The simplest solution: Vertical panels for planting

And there are very simple solutions to maintain vertical gardens. For example, there are many deals on gardening shops, physical and online, selling kits for the vertical planting panels. With them, you will not have to worry more; they include filters to keep moisture, irrigation systems and fertilizers, and drainage at the bottom.

Leveraging corner

The corners are spaces that often do not use at home as much as we could. If you do not want your vertical garden is the center of the living room or kitchen, you can choose a corner to install it, so the spotlight will charge just decoration, without reloading, but giving the green note. Besides, maybe so their care is much simpler.

Several blocks to a more modern composition

Vertical gardens do not have to be in a single block. You can hit the wall several rectangular plates in rows (eg, a group of nine, three on the base and three down) and then cover with your favorite plants. This year, he will not need or tree, you can simply put colored lights to your vertical garden!

Garden at the top of the wall

Another option is that your indoor vertical garden plants are located towards the top, almost to the ceiling, leaving more room for places that are short of people. This will look like the bigger space and we feel like true nature, plants without bother us in our daily tasks. This option is perfect to enjoy the plants near the furniture we use often.

It combines nature

In a vertical garden we can combine different plants and flowers to lead to all sorts of shapes and colors. For example, a clear leaf plants to draw a sinuous line while the background is populated with dark green leafy plants. In addition, colorful flowers (preferably tones that harmonize with the style of our house) will give us a unique touch in decoration that only nature can give us.

Explosion forms

If you prefer a single color, or we want to stay true to the green, but make it the hallmark form, nothing easier than choosing groups of plants with different morphology in their leaves. So, we combine round leaf plants, elongated, with peaks form of tears…

Plastic bottles with dual functionality

Plastic bottles that no longer serve us (for example, two-liter soda) will give us a perfect use in our indoor vertical garden. One of the options that we propose is to cultivate the plants, individually, in each of them and hang them on the wall with ropes, as many as we like to create our vertical garden low cost.