Ideas for rustic greeters

The hall is the calling card of your home. It is the first thing visitors see when they arrive and can tell a lot about what we will find later. If you have space to design a special entrance and personality today we’ll give you some ideas to make it a rustic greeters charming. A commitment to the wood and neutral tones to create a very special way to welcome everyone who comes to your home.

Aesthetic and functional rustic hall

The idea is to decorate this rustic hall in a very nice way and aesthetics, without forgetting the functionality of this place, it is important that we make space for hanging coats or accessories, with some furniture if we have enough for that site. No shortage coat hooks and mirrors. And now it gives all possible personality. Let’s see how you can get it!

rustic greeters

A wooden bench

The first idea for our rustic greeters consists of placing a wooden bench. You can use it to sit when you’re shoeing before leaving home, you have to leave space underneath shoes, sight or in a beautiful wicker baskets, for example. Look at these two examples; do not you think you are Chulis? You can tap the wall to place a coat rack.

The couch

If you have enough to put the space furniture wood remains safe bet. Also forging are ideal for these rustic environments. You can opt for a table with drawers and a mirror, for example, a larger cabinet covering the wall and include coat hangers, and a chair or a wooden chest also looks great.

Textiles of your hall

If you put a bench or a chair or armchair you can add some cushions in natural fabrics like cotton, rattan or linen. Also, the carpets are very good. You can opt for neutral tones, very suitable for these rustic surroundings and you can also add a light touch of color to give a little joy into space.


Plants are very flattering for this rustic space. One way could be using introduce carboys , glass containers such large that you can place on the floor and where to put a few wild flowers that give a country look to your receiver. You can put a large number of different sizes or creating a decorative composition.

Decorative details

Often the distinctive touch of any decor comes through a small detail, a unique piece that captures all eyes and, although it seems to have come casually, maintains that intent to bring the whole personality to the environment. In the case of rustic hallways, these decorative elements take vital. You can include some flowers, wooden boxes, some wicker baskets, a trunk, a few dry branches or straw hats hanging strategically.

More ideas photo gallery

In the gallery you can view pictures that will serve as inspiration for decorating rustic receivers with great style and personality. As you see, the wood is always present, through furniture or accessories, you can bet on originality lining the wall with this material and installing a rack, put wallpaper or a large piece of furniture that fills it. Neither missing mirrors nor coat racks, as it is to provide practical, too, this area of the house. You feel like with this decorative style for your entry? Make sure you get this a unique space with which to welcome your guests.