Operation terrace: ideas for decorating outdoor

The days are longer, more pleasant temperatures, we enjoy more sun … definitely summer is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start equipping our environments, outdoor furniture, accessories moment suitable materials. We tell you ideas for decorating outdoor.

Best textiles, more resistant surfaces, the best alternatives for lawn and many other clues that will help you enjoy an outdoor magazine.

decorating outdoor

The best fabrics for outdoor

In addition to decor and style, one of our great concerns in outdoor environments is the quality of materials. The outdoor furniture and accessories should be stronger than the interior, as they will be outdoors and exposed to cold, rain and sunshine.

As textiles are concerned, the cotton canvas is a great solution for outdoor spaces for its high strength. As the polyester that resists rain and sun in perfect condition. In addition, it is a very easy fabric wash with a damp cloth.

Some fibers are even thermal insulators, so they are a great option to enjoy the outdoors in the warm sunshine.

The acrylic fabrics are also a good choice for its high strength. Note that some tissues incorporate waterproofing treatments and stain, which make them even more resistant to the outside.

The best materials for exterior

As for the furniture and accessories, we suggest opting for materials like wrought iron, steel and aluminum. To protect them from rust produces rain, nothing better to apply a layer of antioxidant varnish.

If you choose wooden furniture, keep in mind that the rain and the passage of time cause them to lose their natural color. Therefore, it is also recommended to apply a protective varnish and, as with iron furniture, steel and aluminum, should be stored in a covered place during the winter season when you do not need them.

Pergolas and umbrellas as new

They are another essential addition to any outdoor space that boasts. Pergolas and umbrellas not only protect us from the sun, but also help us gain some privacy. As is the case with our furniture and accessories, we keep under cover when not need.

Removes dust and accumulated dirt with a vacuum hand and rub well with soapy water. And for the metal parts, our advice is that you apply a layer of petroleum jelly.

Perfect flower pots and planters

To retrieve the pots and mud, try dipping them in cold water for a day. While for the stone, simply clean them using soapy water.

As for the turf, if we combine aesthetics and quality, nothing better than an artificial turf. Simply clean it with a hose and brush using a rake.

Recovers brick and tile surfaces

Another common element in outdoor spaces is brick walls. To leave them as new, we just have to clean the brick with soapy water and apply linseed oil to recover their appearance on the first day.

It would also be interesting to apply some special treatment anti – fungal and anti – humidity. While for the ceramic surfaces, nothing better than clean with a guide and neutral detergent.