Ideas for decorating the kitchen at Halloween

Decoration lovers already have an eye on Christmas, a time of year that allows us to unleash the imagination and give your home a festive touch full of warmth, color and joy. However, before we have another big party to celebrate. As you could imagine, we are referring to Halloween, which allows us to be more original. Yes, we know it is a holiday that is not typical of Spain, but we agree to incorporate all those traditions that give us a little joy and fun. Are you agree with us?

If you answered yes to this question and you also like to celebrate Halloween in style, we recommend that you do not miss anything of what we tell you then, as today we will give you some interesting ideas for decorating the kitchen for the night scariest of the year. And it must not be forgotten that this stay is not only the place to prepare food, but also serves to share good times with family and friends. In the case of Halloween, what better way to do it surrounded by a terrifying environment?

halloween kitchen decor

Pumpkins everywhere

If there is something that can not miss in your home during the scariest night of the year are pumpkins. You can place them in every corner of your home, but you should know that are especially good in the kitchen. In fact, if it is natural undecorated gourds, you can keep them in the fall, as they are great and give a natural touch to the stay. Of course, if you are going to place them only during the days before Halloween, you can also decorate them , creating a face with a knife. Of course, if you do not want complications, you can also use pumpkins decorative during these days can be found in thousands of stores. Also, you should know that there are many other items in the form of pumpkin you can find on the market: garlands, bowls, lamps …

Textiles with motifs of Halloween

Another good way to create a great theming for this special holiday is buying textiles related to Halloween. We refer to rags, curtains and carpets that include motifs such as pumpkins, skulls, witches … If you want these items will also serve for the remainder of the year, you can opt for textile colors typical of the scariest night of the year, as the purple, orange and, of course, black.

Of course, it can also be a great idea to incorporate into the room elements that help you get a room terrifying as, for example, spider webs, fake insects (for example, you can enter them in glass jars), skulls, crosses, tombs, old books, potions, black cats … in the market you can find figures, stuffed animals and other objects inspired by these elements, but if you have time, you can also choose to create them yourself using all kinds of materials. In our article ” DIY Ideas for Halloween decoration ” you will find the most interesting proposals.

Autumn touches

Halloween is also a perfect opportunity to give the kitchen a touch autumn. To do this, you can not only use the aforementioned pumpkins, but you can use items such as dry leaves or seasonal fruits. Also, you can use to create an original center for your kitchen table, which you can incorporate elements typical of this time of year, as you mentioned earlier. Finally, we remind you that candles can also help you decorate your kitchen for this party. In fact, you will find on the market designed for the scariest night of the year designs. Here we leave our gallery where you can see more images kitchens decorated for Halloween. Do not miss it!