How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

To plan the bathroom renovation, you need to take practical considerations with design in mind. To create and maintain a budget, learn about current trends in bathroom renovation and planning of the useful features added, you can transform the bathroom in just a couple of weeks.

Plan a schedule. You should allow about two days to demolish the old room bathroom and two days for carpentry, plumbing, floor and walls. Liners usually takes longer, about three days and items such as cabinets, accessories, insulation, drywall and general electrical work do not take more than a day.

bathroom renovation ideas

Allow contingencies. Add two or three days for the allocation of extra time above all. Expect the unexpected.

Notice how many people are using the toilet on a regular basis, every day. For example, if you plan to renovate the bathroom in your master bedroom, you and use spouse, you might consider adding it and it sinks. This will allow you to go to the bathroom in the morning, at the same time to finish the bathroom and out the door faster.

Plan a great closet space, since it has enough storage space is absolutely essential to keep clean and free bathroom waste. If one takes into account all products that accumulate in a bathroom in time – cleaning, personal care and personal hygiene products, and so on – we see that the more storage space that is, the easier it keep everything clean and organized.

Decide on tile and paper styles of wallpaper and a color scheme. White and gray can give the bathroom elegant and sterile look that some people find attractive. Others, however, have a bathroom with brighter colors such as shades of red and lavender.

Draw an outline. Consider placing lights and mirrors that you want to add, take the measurements of your bathroom space and draw your scale plan. If you are going to run the very reforms that need to go into extreme detail in its design, but can simply stay outdoors if you only need to show a contractor to communicate basic ideas.