How to decorate with concrete

In recent years, interior dares to incorporate new materials that could never have imagined that they would have no place in the decoration of the house. However, they have not only found their way also has become a true must-have of the current decor.

This is the case of concrete. A heavyweight decoration has become an absolutely essential material for a cosmopolitan and modern housing. Now, how and where can we use it? Too easy! In this article we explain how to decorate with concrete.

decorate with concrete

The concrete furniture and fittings

New techniques have made possible the use of materials such as concrete for decoration of the house, either through small furniture or decorative accessories. A strong and durable material that fits perfectly with almost any decor.

In the bathroom, for example, washbasin furniture concrete brings a touch of style, wearing decoration paperback key. While in the kitchen with a countertop concrete you win in style and functionality, its great strength. But if you prefer something more discreet, nothing better than having small decorative accessories such as candlesticks, vases and lamps. Concrete fits all.

Want to decorate a house fashion with the help of concrete, but without having to resort to this heavy material? You can do it too! The secret is to opt for pieces that mimic the texture of the concrete.

Now that we have chosen the concrete pieces, both furniture and accessories design that mimic the texture of this material, we must know how to integrate concrete decoration. Something much easier to achieve than it seems.

Materials combined with concrete

The concrete usually fit nicely with the look industry. Surfaces metal chrome and solid wood and dark fit perfectly with the concrete. A factory interior decoration to look for the latest fashion.

If you want to look warm and cozy interior, you have to soften the cold and rough – looking concrete. In this sense, nothing better than to use natural materials and soft colors. Choose light wood and natural textiles such as cotton, wool and linen. These materials will help you gain warmth and comfort in your interior decorated with pieces of concrete. Other materials that also fit nicely with concrete are marble, porcerlana and ceramics.

The best colors

Should choose light and bright colors to achieve an irresistible color contrast with respect to the concrete. White and pastel shades are a great choice. Like the infallible earth tones that convey warmth in the atmosphere, thus gaining in comfort.

If you want to brighten up a concrete decor accessories, you can also use racy colors like bright yellow or electric blue. Color inkjet to break the sobriety of concrete surfaces.

On floors and walls

Did you think there were no more concrete ideas to incorporate in the decoration of the house? Well you’re wrong. This material can also be used for floors and ceilings. Because of its high strength and hardness, it is ideal for the busiest areas of the house and even outside.

If you want to use the concrete on the floor, but want to do it in a way more elegant, nothing better than the polished concrete. Thus, the very texture of the concrete will be soothed by an irresistible touch of style.