How lighting can enhance your dining room

When it comes to decorating your dining room, choosing the right lighting is not only about functionality, but also about creating an ambience and showing off your style. Dining rooms are often the hub of the home when hosting special occasions and entertaining guests, and having the right combination of lighting can make all the difference when creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your friends and family. Reputable air duct & chimney cleaning company such as air duct cleaning Phoenix offer an extensive range of cleaning solutions.

Whether you need to brighten up a dingy space, create a soft ambiance or make a bold design statement, here are some top tips on how to make the most of your dining room decor.


Even when switched off, a chandelier is an elegant addition to any dining room space and can be used to compliment various interior styles and decor, both traditional and contemporary. A crystal chandelier is a guaranteed show-stopper that can reflect light around the room in a delicate way, dispersing decorative patterns upon the walls and ceiling – ideal if the theme for your dining room is all things opulent. If you want to give a contemporary twist to a traditional design, modern chrome chandeliers can make for an interesting centrepiece.


If you want to bring your home interior into the 21st century, a pendant light is the perfect way to give your dining room a smart, ultra-modern edge. Hanging an eye-catching drop and fall pendant just above your dining room table can help to create a cosy, intimate atmosphere by bringing the focus towards the table whilst the rest of the room fades into the background. Pendant lights offer the chance to put a creative stamp on your home and make an on-trend style statement with an eye-catching focal point.

Flush fitting lights

If you’re looking for something tasteful, flush ceiling lights will help bring a touch of understated style and practicality to your dining room. By placing a modern ceiling track of adjustable spotlights in the centre of the room, you can remain in control of where the light is directed – ideal for illuminating a special piece of furniture or for drawing attention to an area of the room you love. Alternatively, placing individual spotlights in a row up and down the ceiling will create a clean, ultra-modern look that will disperse light evenly throughout the room.

Supplement lighting

Whilst the main focus of the room is likely to be the table, you may also want to enhance your decor with a soft uplight that can be used to light up paintings and brighten up dark corners. You can also supplement your ceiling light with portable light sources, such as table lamps or floor lamps. Accent lighting can help to create a relaxed mood and convivial atmosphere, perfect for an evening of entertaining friends.

Final considerations

Remember that your lights should suit your space, style and specific lighting needs. For example, if you want to draw attention to the table and create an intimate atmosphere, try hanging a pendant light low down for soft mood lighting purposes. Alternatively, if you want to open up the space, flush ceiling lights can can help make the room feel clean, bright and airy.


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