Ideas for decorating with candles

Candles are one of my favorite decorations. Bring peace to stay where they are on, creating a romantic, intimate and serene environment with a simple gesture. Simply place a single candle for the look of the room change, even our mood, and if we focus on them as a key element in the decoration get wonderful effects. The ideas of today are moving towards it, you get to dress up your home thanks to the magic candles.

Candles in jars

One way of decorating with candles is introducing them in glass vases, elongated are ideal for this type of containers can design a very romantic atmosphere that will help to dress a table centerpiece or a receiver, for example.

decorating with candles

Floating candles

They are among the most decorative since they allow very special combinations. They may be in a glass container in a wide bowl with several like a lily in a glass … To complete this design introduces stones on the bottom or Join them with natural flowers, a cheerful composition and fill power wherever the put.

Hanging in glass jars

I love how candles in glass jars, yogurt type are for example, and hung with a wire or rope rustic. They are ideal for outdoor environments if you want to decorate a summer party, but will also be wonderful for interior decoration. They have an air vintage very romantic.

The same but without hanging

You know that’s decorated with glass jars seems very elegant and with many possibilities, so these boats with candles also are if you do not hang well and use to decorate a centerpiece in the bathroom or to give a special dim light in the bedroom.

As centerpiece

With candles you can create a wonderful center table, accompanying stones, for example, in a large bowl or tray, or flowers. The time of Christmas is one of the most conducive to design this type of composition, in fact year in order to say that you should put candles to serve to bring good luck.

Candles of different sizes

To these compositions you can help candles of different sizes, one large and wide in the center and several smaller around or randomly distributed in the container you use as a centerpiece.

Candles abroad

If you are think of organizing an event outdoors, no shortage of Candlelight. That special and magical air troop will serve to fill the atmosphere of mystery and you’ll also manage to be very welcoming. I can do as I said before with glass jars or with special holders that allow inside and introduce themselves and are very decorative. And even if you have an event, always will be great on your terrace or garden.

Original basis for your sails

But not required to use only stones or flowers for decorating glass jars in which you enter candles. There are very original ideas that you are able to see in the gallery, such as placing coffee beans as a basis and on them a candle of planets and small, or tall and broad vase with many buttons as a base and a narrow candle and long in the center, or even pasta!

Then I leave you with several different ideas for decorating with candles. One way to fill your home with warmth, magic and romance that you can use both your day to dress stays or if you want to give a special touch to an event you organize.