Ideas for decorating rooms for girls

Girls are consensual house. Much more homey than children, they are always attentive to the care of the house and trends in decorating, especially when it comes to their room where they make the famous ‘you sleepovers’ with her ​​school friends. So today we bring some ideas for decorating rooms for girls.

1. Space Toys

Children have long lines of toys waiting for fun. However, toys girls are more delicate and require a space according to reach not spoil. A suitable furniture for storing toys and, above all, fragile dolls given away to them is essential when decorating rooms for girls. This will help you organize your room.

decorating rooms for girls

2. Camas Girls

When bedtime comes, your daughter may want to read you a story, so if you have enough space, will be more comfortable lying next to him on a double bed. The large beds are long lasting and your daughter can sleep well and spread at ease. If you want something less conventional, there are some original beds for girls that may be ideal for your small.

3. Color walls

ry to know what are the favorite colors of your daughter, maybe you can play with them or their combinations in tones that you put on the walls. Some girls has pink as preferred, but times change and instead prefer other colors such as blue, orange and green that give the room an air of tranquility and fun.

Paint the walls in two colors is also beneficial to impart movement to the girls room decor.
4. Nursery decoration style

When you decorate always try to impose a style. It is therefore very important that the style when decorating rooms for girls is just childish. You do not want your daughter to see her room with a decorated too serious, too according to your tastes, of course, but they have nothing to do with his style. Remember that your friends will go to tea or draw and nothing more boring than an adult decoration when 6 years old.
5. Attention to detail and ornaments

As you might have already found girls are more delicate and pay more attention to detail. For this reason it is very important that you put yourself in their shoes. Perhaps there are aspects in which she pays more attention and you have obviated believing they are trivial.

For example, change the curtains of a single tone for ones that have subtle prints. It allows the lamp nightstand has a more attractive than wood color. Give space for you to write, draw or do homework comfortably within the same room, even a small piece of art that she has done can be the center of attention for some time.

Here are some ideas for decorating rooms for girls is concerned that strike up a fun and pleasant conversation with her ​​to explain to you what your style and you can impress giving him exactly what he wants.