Ideas for decorating a child’s room shared

Share room is always a problem, especially when it comes to young children. If your children share a room and have space problems, this article you will find some keys to make the most of the bedroom.

From furniture to colors and textiles, we present some good ideas for decorating a shared children’s room and optimize the available space. And all this without sacrificing aesthetics and safety.

decorating a shared children's room

Bunk and trundle

Shared rooms where space is limited, the convertible furniture is a great investment. This is the case for example of the bunk and trundle beds.

Now, if you pick a bunk, there are some security issues that you should consider. The upper bed should have a handrail and ladder properly fixed on the structure, to ensure the safety of the smallest of the house.


It is also important that the top bunk bed incorporates a light easily accessible to the child. This is important in case the child needs to get up at midnight and needed a light loss with complete safety and comfort.

It is clear that the bunk beds are the ideal solution in small rooms. But when it can be a good age for children to start using it? Experts advise to wait until 5 and 6 years old. Naturally, the top bed must occupy the older child.

But if you’re thinking in a trundle bed , remember that you will have a space of at least 100 centimeters completely free in front of the bed in order to display the lower bed.

light colors to gain breadth

In small and shared rooms, it is recommended to decorate with light colors to gain breadth. White is a great choice because they provide calm and luminosity.


As for textiles, should be used lightweight designs to avoid burdening the environment. And as regards materials, light colored hardwood is a great choice because it brings light to the whole.

Just enough

Do not lean the room with more things than necessary. In this sense, it is better to use large multifunctional furniture , before having several small furniture.

Take the walls to place shelves and shelves to the ceiling. And also uses some bunker, poof or bench with storage space to store toys. And speaking of order, do not forget that a good organization is essential to ensure that the children ‘s room seem larger.

Use colored boxes or labels to store in each specific accessories. It is important that children learn to respect this order to ensure that your room is most welcoming.

Well-lit bedroom

Lighting is key to getting a room seem more spacious. Use natural light to guide the furniture out the window and uses lightweight curtains that allow the passage of light.

In addition to a ceiling lamp that provides general lighting, we must have lights support as floor lamps and table that provide additional lighting to avoid shadows. As we have mentioned before, if you have litter, do not forget to place a light near the top bed to ensure the safety of children.

The study area and dressing

This area is also very important for education and intellectual development of children. It is important that small to have their own space and make it their own.


And this is the same with the dressing. We can use a large closet and divide the interior for each child. But, as with the study area, it is important that every child has access to their own space and your things.