Decorate with bamboo

Already you have updated decor trends in 2016? Well, then you know that the decoration eco-friendly (natural materials, recycling, nature-friendly environments …) will still be fashionable next year. Moreover, the nature gain prominence in the interior design, which means, among other things, that the materials and colors found in nature can be part of the different rooms of the home. In this regard, the bamboo is one of the star material.

As we sense the importance of the bamboo will be next year, today we give you some tips and thoughts to decorate with bamboo. Would you like to join us?

decorate with bamboo

Ideal for all types of environments

One of the great advantages of the bamboo is that they offer a lot of possibilities and can be used in all types of rooms (living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms …) and plenty of styles (modern, minimalist, rustic …). Of course, if somewhere in environments fit it is exotic or oriental style. And it must be remembered that this natural element in China symbolizes fertility and joy, is native to Asia.

In vases and pots

Another great advantage of bamboo is growing very fast, so that their use does not significantly affect the environment. In addition, it is a cheap material, lightweight, tough and easy to use. Therefore, it can be used for different elements: doors, floors, furniture … Of course, today we focus on bamboo poles, which can be used as we do with plants or flowers, that is, in vases and pots that fit its size. Then you can place in any room, but are especially well in bathrooms, bringing a note from ideal for this type of space freshness. Obviously, the size of the rods depends on the square meters available.

Room divider

The bamboo poles are widely used as room dividers and the truth is that is not surprising, because the result can be most attractive, giving a dose of freshness and elegance to any space. Of course, you can find bamboo room dividers and facts, but also the possibility of creating it yourself joining several reeds. Depending on the level of opacity you want, you should add roughly reeds. It is also a good idea to glue the rods to a wall, creating the effect of a room divider.

As decorative elements

The bamboo fulfill a decorative function as both put in vases serving as a room divider. However, there are other options for these natural elements provide a decorative extra touch to any environment. For example, you can place multiple rods supported on a wall or in a corner. If you put white stones on the ground acting as a basis you will achieve a typical Zen space. Another interesting option is to fill the ceiling with reeds, giving the space an ethnic touch.

Furniture and accessories

On the other hand, you know that the bamboo can make different pieces of furniture or decorative objects. Thus, it is good idea to join several rods to create a headboard. You can also use them to make frames for mirrors, towel racks, stools … Of course, you’ll cover furniture and doors with bamboo as long as the stay in question is not too overdone. The latter option is ideal for environments where white is the main protagonist. Finally, we comment that this decorative element is highly resistant to the outside, so it is ideal for decorating patios, gardens and terraces.