Ideas to decorate terrace with pallets

What do you think if you take advantage of these holidays to get carried away by DIY? There are many projects that can be performed without spending too much money and having the time big, if you’re a fan of Do It Yourself. Yes, we are building in summer, today we give you some ideas for you to give a new look to your terrace. How? For using elements that are still very fashionable, although they have spent many years on the crest of the wave. In case you had not guessed, we are referring to the pallet, with which you can perform the most amazing creations.

To find the necessary inspiration, today we will give you some ideas, interesting to decorate terrace with pallets. Would you like to join us?

decorate terrace with pallets

A zone chill out

One of the things you can do from the pallets is an area chill out, which should consist of a series of seats and a coffee table to leave everything you need to enjoy the relaxation and the company of yours. If you want this space is intimate, the ideal is to put the area chill out in a corner of the terrace, but if you’re looking for something more casual, you can place it in any corner.

What I recommend is that you put a pergola, an awning or any other element that can protect space from the sun, rain or wind. In this way, you can make the most. In addition, it is recommended that you add cushions to the seats to be more comfortable. And to finish the space, feel free to add decorative elements such as rugs, candles, cushions flowers … And although you can leave the pallets to natural, you can also paint to give it a fun touch.

Furniture for relaxing and sunbathing

If you usually use your terrace for sunbathing, you can also take the pallets to create a lounge chair or hammock. As in the previous case, it is also important that you cover the resulting cabinet with a soft surface so you can be comfortable. Other interesting options are sofas and beds outside. Of course, in the latter case, it is best that also you add a canopy. In this way, you will achieve a tremendously attractive space. Also, you can always use the pallets to create swings. You can find several examples in our gallery.

A place for your plants

On a terrace should not miss plants and flowers, and a good way to introduce them in space is through the pallets. In addition, as you will see yourself in the images that we show then you can do so in many ways. For example, you can create a garden vertically supporting the pallet on a wall; you can convert a pallet into a container to place pots; build shelves; create a garden…

A floor as economic and Original

Finally, we propose to opt for a floor made of pallets. One way to do this is using the planks for splinting and thicker for a structure that separates the floorboards and in which elements can nail the boards. Of course, you can also use the extracted planks pallets to create trails.