How to decorate a spacious dining room

You want to boast a larger room? Did you know that the decoration can help you? Colors, materials, design, lighting … All these elements that make up the aesthetics of a room can do magic and make a space appear larger than it really is.

Today we keep awake the secrets to decorate a spacious dining room, betting on furniture and appropriate accessories. Take note!

decorate a spacious dining room

Soft colors

White is an incredibly bright color. An elegant versatile and timeless color which is a great choice for decorating a dining room spacious and bright.

Choose this color to the walls and to the ceiling, and opts for the beauty of the soft colors for furniture, accessories and textiles. The pastel tones decorate with lightness and bring clarity.

A roundtable

As for the traditional dining table, our advice is to choose a round table in solid wood. The round shapes bring feeling of lightness visual, as these forms soften the decor. And if you want to optimize space, try a round table extendable dining.

For chairs, the ideal is to choose upholstered in bright colors that bring more light. Also, natural fibers such as cotton are durable and easy to clean. Certainly a great choice for dining chairs.

Carpets to win warmth

To narrow this space, we recommend rely on the power of the carpets. Advantages? Many! Trap the dust in the air, insulate the soil heat, noise reducing protect the most delicate floors of daily use and the friction caused by the movement of furniture, make it more comfortable footprints, decorate and add extra comfort and warmth to the atmosphere.

In environments such as the dining room, we recommend placing a rug to delineate this space and also so that diners feel more comfortable, as the carpet dampen our footsteps. And as we decorate a bright dining room, our advice is to opt for bright colors and designs in minimalist version.

Arrange furniture

To win light in our dining room, distribution of furniture and accessories is very important. Try to place the dining table near a window to make the most of the sunlight it receives this environment.

It is also important to avoid the obstacles that prevent light circulates around the room. Therefore, our advice is to choose low furniture. Higher recommend that you place embedded in the wall.

Illuminating the room

Artificial lights are very important in the dining room. To illuminate a round table should opt for a ceiling lamp in the center of it. Another interesting option may be to choose a group of several hanging lamps and different height. While for a rectangular table we can choose a row of hanging lamps.

To properly illuminate this furniture and avoid glare, our advice is to put the ceiling lamp about 75 cm with respect to the dining table.

As for the type of bulb, you should choose bulbs with an index of high color rendering, such as the LED lights. They provide a more natural and comfortable lighting.

Finally, we also recommend choosing a table lamp or standing to provide a spotlight. And do not forget the dimmers that allow us to control the light intensity given the time of day, achieving a more pleasant evening.