Ideas to decorate a small half bathroom

A small half bathroom contains a toilet and a sink. These rooms tend to be small, but they are useful in homes where many people need to use the toilets at the same time. Although half bathroom is small and functional, decoration is possible. Decorate your bathroom for relax the style of the rest of your house. In doing so you will give a considerably more polished look.

Light it

One of the problems when decorating a small half bathroom is darkness. Unless there is a window, the half bath suffers from lack of light naturally. Use strong lights with high power to light up the room. Similarly, paint the bathroom with colored light, pastel or neutral to open it. Avoid dark colors and strong patterns when decorating a half bath because that closes the room and makes it look more crowded.

small half bathroom

Shelf over the toilet

Another problem is the lack of storage space. To resolve it and add a decorative element, look for a ledge to place on the toilet. These are designed to be mounted on the toilet tank, with two or three shelves. Choose a ledge with a simple motif of flowers or CIDES to give your half bath Victorian style or model of polished steel or chrome for a more modern style.

Floor tiles diagonally

In such a small space as a half bath, even the floor adds an important element to the room. Install the tiles diagonally or choose a design that print strips or squares diagonally. Put the tiles in rows or designs perfectly aligned to the walls creates a cage effect, while the diagonal design stimulates the feeling of open space and one that actually has the largest floor.

Ornate mirror

Instead of the normal kit, choose a mirror decorated for your house. This flattens the area over the sink while adding a decorative element to the room. Choose a mirror frame with openwork iron to give a classic touch, or hang a mirror without framework for a more stripped and bohemian style. Decorate the mirror hanging a cloth or trinkets hanging from the edges.