Clever tricks to optimize your home gardening

Some details will help you have a garden more useful and healthy. You want some practical tips and home that will help you have a beautiful garden? Do not let you follow these tips, you will surely serve your garden is much cooler than it already is. Gardening is a wonderful pastime gives life and color to any space in your home. It can be a great park or on a balcony, here you will find tricks for all spaces and various materials. Take things that would go away and give a new look to your home with these clever tricks gardening. If you would like to know brief information about top artificial grass distributors, you could choose artificial grass Paradise Valley.

home gardening

1- Reuses an empty drum:

Option 1. As Sprinkler: Plants need special care and part of this is the water calm and the closest thing to a rain not to hurt them or drown them . Making holes in the lid of a container already have a home shower and super practical.

Option 2. As blade: Working with soil and fertilizer , can be somewhat complicated if you do not have the right tools. One of these is a shovel. Trimming an empty drum, so that the handle does the body handle and blade it cuts you the drum. You can give a triangular or square, depending on as plastic packaging.

2- Reutilize cuttings:

If you do not throw leftover basil, take it by putting it in water to take root and approximately two weeks you can plant it and have your own basil plant in your garden. You can do something similar with the onion. If you are sprouting, remove the center and plant it.

3- Take your balcony space:

fashionable lately are vertical gardens, the truth is that a good way to use the space and are very nice. You can have your plants in this way using a pendant shelf used in the shower to place the pots. You can do the same with a shoemaker fabric, ideal for herbs.

4- No more Slugs:

Beer is a surefire way to get rid of these molluscs trick , great enemies of plants. Just place a small bowl with beer and let it do its work. Slugs will be attracted by drink and die.

5- Labeling  plants:

If you are very organized beginner, probably thinking about ways that everyone has his name and to differentiate more quickly. Here is a solution that supports the rains, winds and is very durable:

Use plastic or ceramic pieces of a broken object, having the size to put the name of each plant enough. Use acrylic or any paint that can not be affected by water. Then rivets small sign on the ground and ready.