Category: Special Decoration

halloween decorations

Ideas to decorate the living room on Halloween

Some are not convinced about the idea of importing American holidays, but we all have to do with celebrations, parties and fun we like, so we are delighted that...

illuminate a dressing

Tips to illuminate a dressing

Would you spare a room at home? Well, if you love clothes and accounts with so many clothes, accessories and shoes closet does not serve to store it all, we recommend...


Ideas for decorating minimalist interiors

Minimalism is one of those timeless decorative styles that use raw basic elements and simple for dressing rooms. Use functional design and furniture and get with all...

decorate a candy table

Ideas to decorate a candy table

If you are preparing a wedding or a family reunion may have in mind to decorate a candy table so that everyone can enjoy an amazing evening and it becomes something very...

wedding decoration 2016

Trends in wedding decoration 2016

Wedding decoration is as important as the costumes, makeup and restaurant. It is suitable for surprising our guests and make them feel comfortable. We introduce the...