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clean storage room

How to Clean a Storage Room

Even the storage room well organized most need a cleaning time to time to combat the accumulation of dust and mold. The cleanliness of the room and its contents on a...

home cleaning

Choosing the right removal firm

So, you’re moving house?  I bet your first instinct is to go with the cheapest removal firm quote you receive – but that’s not always a good idea.  Whilst it’s...

parquet floors

The Best Ways to Clean Parquet Floors

Parquet floors is a type of wood floor finished from strips of wood secured jointly in a geometric pattern. Care for the floors in the similar manner as regular wood...

cleaning tiles

How to clean spaces between the tiles?

Have you already placed the tiles and the glue is dry? If so, you just need to do together. With a little sealing compound, a trowel and a scraper rubber tiling you end...