Category: Exterior Decoration

decorate with concrete

How to decorate with concrete

In recent years, interior dares to incorporate new materials that could never have imagined that they would have no place in the decoration of the house. However, they...

decorate terrace with pallets

Ideas to decorate terrace with pallets

What do you think if you take advantage of these holidays to get carried away by DIY? There are many projects that can be performed without spending too much money and...

decorating outdoor

Operation terrace: ideas for decorating outdoor

The days are longer, more pleasant temperatures, we enjoy more sun … definitely summer is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to start equipping...

glass stairs

Decoration with glass stairs

Glass is a decorative element that will always be great in any home regardless of the style or size. The glass brings light and space to any room through which light can...

outdoor lighting

Solar lamps for outdoor lighting

The decoration of the exterior of the home is almost as important as the interior decoration of a house, especially when what is sought is comfort. And for this to...