Category: DIY Decorating

rustic greeters

Ideas for rustic greeters

The hall is the calling card of your home. It is the first thing visitors see when they arrive and can tell a lot about what we will find later. If you have space to...

decorating with candles

Ideas for decorating with candles

Illuminate, decorate, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere … definitely, candles are ideal for lighting and decorating every corner of the house and do it in a...

relaxing decoration

Ideas for relaxing decoration

We live in times of haste, stress, we spent many hours in the office and as many running errands and minding much. So when we got home, rather we need to meet an oasis...

decorating with carboys

Ideas for decorating with carboys

Legend has it that Queen Joanna I of Naples ran to shelter from the rain and ended up in the workshop of a master glassmaker. Bored, the Countess of Provence asked how...