Decorate the bedroom shabby chic style

One of the decorative styles that have grown in recent years is the Shabby Chic, it emerged about 10 years ago and every day has more followers worldwide. It is a chic, modern and romantic style that allows fantastically decorates rooms, making them either after being in a sea full of positive feelings thanks to its colors and elements.

It is defined as a style that mixes contemporary and Scandinavian with Victorian, although in the latter case with a light touch. It is a very feminine and romantic, perfect for children and youth rooms Girls, although it sounds a little classist and sexist. You really can apply in any room. Let’s see how decorate bedroom shabby chic style.

bedroom shabby chic style

Shabby Chic Furniture

The perfect Shabby Chic decorating style furniture is soft and clean lines, light wood preferably white, although it could be in a white oak is darker, but without going more colors. What you can do is paint them doors or glass finishes are perfect for this style. The headboard of the bed and the dresser are very important and should be a light romantic design.

Lighting Shabby Chic

As for the points most suitable light sconces are perfect for Shabby Chic decorating style, always looking for designs that have finished gold or pastel shades. If you prefer to give a more Victorian touch, the perfect is put a lamp that has the white screen.

Charming Shabby Chic

You can not miss in your bedroom accessories such as porcelain vases blue and white boxes or romantic design, will give you a perfect touch and charm to the bedroom. One element that also brings charm and it largely is a large mirror that has the white frame. The fabrics in pastel shades are perfect to put the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom Shabby Chic.