How to decoration christmas tree

It is becoming very little to Christmas and that is being felt in malls and many street shops. They begin to see the first Christmas lights, decorations Christmas tree. Everything is ready for us to do our shopping to decoration Christmas tree. What you also like to decorate your tree and your home?

If you believe that decorate the same every year and want to read something different because what you’ll find in this article you’ll be fine. I’ll give you different ideas for you to choose the best go with you, your personality and your home decor. You’ll be able to decide whether these ideas you like or if you prefer inspire them based on creating new decorations, you decide!

decoration christmas tree

White, blue and metallic

If I had to choose a kind of Christmas tree certainly choose the tree of white plastic. It is a tree that symbolizes the winter, the cold and the snow characteristic of this time of year. But if you also adorn the tree with blue and metallic tones, you’ll feel a fresh and modern touch in decorating your home. Depending on the size will be ideal for tables, hallways and you can even place it on the floor in the corner of a room. This type of tree is ideal for modern, minimalist and even vintage decorations. Continue reading How to decoration christmas tree

Modern Ideas for Decorating Small Apartments

Today, many people choose to live in small apartments. Living in a larger or smaller can be a private decision taking into account the preferences of each or perhaps because the budget is not enough for most home. But whatever your case you should not worry because a small apartment can be evenly or more welcoming and warm a house more square meters.

I must also add that in small apartments there are great advantages, as you employ less time to clean and have everything ready, requires less expenditure of rent or mortgage, bills will be lower, it will be easier to have everything well organized and decor will bring fewer headaches, are all advantages! Especially if you live alone, with your partner or not have children.

But when you start with the decor you’ll probably raise doubts as to which is better or worse to account. For example you may have questions such as: how will I know everything I need in a room? How I can get a stay is broader when it is so small? How I can add my own style to the decor? But you do not need so many questions, from today you will realize how to decorate your small apartment is easier than you think and you can also have it arranged and is the most functional.

In the bedroom

The bedroom will be a very important from home. You may have more than one bedroom but it is necessary that you consider these criteria for every room in your house. Take note:

– In each room you will have to opt for modular, flexible furniture and not to hinder the passage.

– The colors of the bedroom is best to be clear to bring light and space. Opt for white or neutral. The most vibrant colors can contribute them in small details.

– Forget the big, heavy furniture, it is best that you focus on functional furniture to help you fulfill two functions in the same space as a bed with storage chest.

– If you have the opportunity to have wardrobes will be a much more appropriate than traditional cabinets that take up more space in the room option.

The room

If the bedroom is a very important room, the living room is the heart of your home. The living room is where you will share your best moments with your family or friends, or perhaps where opt for rest after a hard day’s work. In this sense, the decoration of the room in your little apartment need to keep this in mind. Take a look at these tips:

– As happens in the bedroom is necessary to opt for light colors to be the protagonists of the room, only in this way you can enhance the light and breadth of your living room.

– Opt for functional and practical furniture that suit your space. They need to be comfortable so you can enjoy every second of your living room.

– The sofa should be comfortable and also have a color to draw attention to liven up your stay.

– The television can hang on the wall so that it occupies less space in the room. This gives you much more range and you’ll enjoy it more.

– Look for furniture that do not impede the passage into the room.

The kitchen

The kitchen will surely be very little you have to be creative to find good solutions:

– Opt for the microwave hang on the wall.

– Use wall shelves for more storage without encroaching stay.

– The drawers under the sink will always be a good choice.

– If the kitchen is too narrow opt for sliding doors for furniture and door.

– Always Opt for light colors.

And remember that in the bathroom also need to enhance the space and light. What else do you think you should keep in mind to decorate a small apartment?

Tips, tricks and ideas for small bedrooms

There are bedrooms that without many square meters are an example of design and good taste.
The important thing is to know place the essential elements, regardless of what the unneeded and giving us all the comfort.

One trick that works very well is to cyclic the appearance of the walls. We can choose a wall (for example, the head of the bed) and paint a darker or colored line it in a nice wallpaper, which can have a different tone, texture or just some vertical stripes (help widen the space) or even moles, if we want a more beaming and youthful. Another option are the murals. We provide extra color and also can be great allies to play with the optical effect that makes larger the room, for example, integrating a mural position.

ideas for small bedrooms

Stylized furniture

Maximize space with stylish, high, narrow furniture. For example, instead of integrating into your room and wide square table, grab a long, slender legs round. The end result will be much more elegant and save a lot of space. Make sure the furniture does not “collide” with one another. For example, a cabinet that intersects with the cabinet door or chair bothering to step. Continue reading Tips, tricks and ideas for small bedrooms

dining room decor ideas

There are those who would trade anything to have a isolated dining room, different pooh-pooh the one they have as a missing bit of space and shut the door.

The first group has nothing to envy since there are myriad building to forge cozy, part-time dining areas in different rooms. The naysayers can take heart, too. With some proper, their forlorn rooms can be made as congealed as mom’s home cooking.


This article supply decorating ideas to suit your taste as well as the size and style of your dining room:

Exciting Dining Spaces

Add a dash of glam to your dining area by utilize some easy tricks of the trade.

Creating a Modern Dining Room

Ultra-modern decor in a dining area can create a feeling of drama and self-indulgence. Diagnose modern dining room decorating content that fit your style.

Traditional and Formal

Those who utilise throwing ceremonial dinner parties and hosting holiday banquets at home often long for a conventional dining room that can handle all the accessory needed for large-scale entertaining. Find out how to create a accepted, conventional dining area.

Romance and Color

Create an atmosphere clean for adjacent dinners for two, or host creative and inspired wine dinners with friends in a bright, romantic room. Find out how by rendition this article.

Any room with a few square feet to extra such as family rooms and dens — particularly those lined with books or French doors — brand dramatic mealtime scope. Place a table to one side of the room, figuring about 8 square feet for a table for 4, plus around 36 inches for the chair pull-out. Or hire a woodworker to build a stationary bench flush against the wall. Place a scraggy pine table in front and ladder-back chairs different.

Tuck a drop-leaf table that’s ready to do double duty in a broad entry hall. One instant it’s a hall table, the next it seats particular guests. The round table beside the family room sofa? A subject oasis. Cover the table with a colored cloth, pull up some seats, and light the fire.

Diverse chair styles add drama: wing chairs, love seats, and even ottomans (as long as they roll). Supple dining should be as insouciant as pie. Roll up benches that slide or feather-light wicker chairs to nestle up to a salvaged garden table.

Storage? In addition to cabinetry, see plate racks, wall shelves, and corner china cupboards. All these use little area while supply handy inches.

Reinvent forlorn dining rooms with appropriate furnishings, paint, and fabric. The right table — set on a bright area rug or centered on a window — can be your anchor. A round table, the popular for speech, softens a boxy room; a small right-angled table does well in tight quarters; long farmhouse-type tables work best in perpendicular rooms. And for ambience find a stunning electric or candle-holding chandelier.

Warm colors stimulate oral human action. Paint walls a soft red, or cover them with a richly textured or patterned wallcovering. Soft modern-day hues like hydrangea-purple and pistachio-green teamed with crisp white moldings will imbue the room with a Monet-garden air. Slipcover dining chairs, or add simplex seat cushions in a different color or a fabulous floral pattern.

Whether you dream of a exciting, modern, conventional, or romantic aspect for your dining room, this article has the decorating tips to help you achieve your goal. On the next page, learn how to make your dining room gleam with beauty.

Things to consider before buying a floor

There is no more important purchases in life. Choosing a floor is something extremely delicate because usually no turning back. You buy it at 30 and know you’ll be paying for another 30 years at least. That if you’re lucky enough to pay more than 40% on the nail, which is quite complicated in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, where the price per square meter continues through the clouds much they want to make us believe otherwise.

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and going to start looking for your future home, I recommend that you consider a number of factors that should influence your decision. Give much importance to them will depend on your preferences, but we all tend to evaluate before the “I do”.

 buying a floor


It is the factor that determines everything. If you have a budget of 300,000 euros to spend, you have no problem in buying the apartment of your dreams. You just have to go running with business to find what you were looking for after a few visits. Continue reading Things to consider before buying a floor

Ideas for decorating with candles

Candles are one of my favorite decorations. Bring peace to stay where they are on, creating a romantic, intimate and serene environment with a simple gesture. Simply place a single candle for the look of the room change, even our mood, and if we focus on them as a key element in the decoration get wonderful effects. The ideas of today are moving towards it, you get to dress up your home thanks to the magic candles.

Candles in jars

One way of decorating with candles is introducing them in glass vases, elongated are ideal for this type of containers can design a very romantic atmosphere that will help to dress a table centerpiece or a receiver, for example.

decorating with candles

Floating candles

They are among the most decorative since they allow very special combinations. They may be in a glass container in a wide bowl with several like a lily in a glass … To complete this design introduces stones on the bottom or Join them with natural flowers, a cheerful composition and fill power wherever the put. Continue reading Ideas for decorating with candles

Basic tips for choosing a sofa

The living room is the heart of every home and the couch is the heart of the room, by that I mean that the sofa is the soul of every living room and must choose it carefully so as not to go wrong and thus can enjoy your lounge fullest. The sofa can be a benchmark for decoration, can be a place to rest whenever you have a moment, is the ideal place to meet friends place … should be comfortable and beautiful!

Today I want to talk about some (but very important) basic tips to choosing a sofa you can choose a sofa that suits your needs, your lifestyle, your tastes and your visits. Also before choosing the sofa should be clear that it has to be a piece of furniture that will last long, because if it is not good to last long hardly be comfortable. Make your investment worthwhile.

choosing a sofa

A robust sofa

If you buy a flimsy sofa just to save some money in the long run you can repent because a sofa to last must always be a robust sofa. Normally a sturdy couch is usually made with materials of better quality than those sofas weaker. Sofa frames are made of wood if quality is likely you last longer and be more comfortable. The low-end sofas are usually constructed of wood of poor quality. Continue reading Basic tips for choosing a sofa

5 tips to improve your home lighting

It is increasingly common to work at home, especially for us women. So many look forward to improving our home lighting, whether dealing with natural or artificial light.

No clutch not always what we get and so today I let these 5 tips so that potency the light of your home and you avoid some common mistakes in lighting.

Do not put too many recessed lights

Despite that give a touch of class to the environment generally do not provide enough light. Although there are a variety of them, perhaps the environment still sits as a place of dark and walls full of shadows.

decorating a small bedroom

Complements the vertical lighting lamps other lights

Use lights directed from above without adding lights to the side could create exaggerated and unflattering shadows, but everything depends on the environment. For example, in the bathroom, such a light above the sink is a good idea to accentuate the brightness of the metal tap but not enough to shave, dye your hair or makeup. Continue reading 5 tips to improve your home lighting

Decorating a Small Bedroom Tips

Decorating a room is a very different task of setting up for the rest of the house. Disparate kitchen and living room, a bedroom is a personal haven of rest, leisure and, of course, a bit of fun! And it’s a part of your home that truly reflects your tastes, choose and who you are as a person.

Decorating a small bedroom is both a joy to work with one who is blessed with ample space. In fact, for those with a rush of creativity and capacity to pull the inventive, it gives a much better chance to present their imagination and style.

decorating a small bedroom

When done right, small rooms can be intimate settings that match the biggest local hit a blow to the elegance and ergonomics! All you need to do is work with some basic design principles that will help these small spaces look embrace of a more open, airy and spacious society. Here are 10 tips that are easy to work with and help pave the way for this relaxing atmosphere and modern. Continue reading Decorating a Small Bedroom Tips

Original tricks to decorate the bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom the best you can do to feel good in this room is thinking about how to decorate it so that when you enter you feel comfortable and at ease. The bathroom as the years have passed has begun to be a much more important in homes around the world stay. In addition to fulfilling the function of grooming and cleaning, we also seek to feel comfortable and enhance our emotional well-being.

Besides having a good physical hygiene, the bathroom can also help us to have good mental health and this requires that the decoration is adequate and that also meet some original tricks to decorate the bathroom and get the best feelings. Never miss some original tricks to decorate the bathroom.

decorate the bathroom

Pink and white

If you want your bathroom brighter and have broader ideally paint everything white, but if you get a cozy effect and very warm feel free to add accessories, textiles and elements pink (hue you want). Pink is a feminine color, but give great tenderness to stay and feel wonderfully upon entering. Therefore, do not hesitate to decorate your shower with pink curtains and towels add the same tone and even hang a picture on the wall. Continue reading Original tricks to decorate the bathroom