Decoration with glass stairs

Glass is a decorative element that will always be great in any home regardless of the style or size. The glass brings light and space to any room through which light can pass through it and there is no kind of feeling of opacity. This makes this material ideal for all areas, but especially for the smaller rooms as it will help to increase the feeling of space and light.

But if there is a modern decorative element that can bring to your home lightness and elegance, this is decoration with glass stairs.

 glass stairs

Modern decor

They can become a striking focal point for all interior designs. The number of steps depend on the characteristics of your home and the effect you want to create, but you can never miss is the combination with functionality and attractive design, so the stairs are ideal for modern glass decorations in homes contemporaries. Continue reading Decoration with glass stairs

Tips for painting interior walls

To get a good finish on the wall is necessary to clean and dry. You must be free of dust, soot, grease, oil, tar, etc. These substances prevent adhesion and paint drying.

If there were traces of loose paint must be completely removed with a spatula, wire brush or chip. To correct the imperfections of plastic fillings wall sconce with a spatula and then sand it until completely smooth out the surface. Do not forget to remove the dust with a damp cloth before painting interior walls.

painting interior walls


For indoor environments it is advisable to use latex paint (water soluble). This can be matt (dull) or satin (semi-gloss). Continue reading Tips for painting interior walls

How to decorate a kitchen

The kitchenettes are a current option, while practice. American-born, more and more households who choose this type of cuisine for lack of space. Joining the living room so that one serves several functions, often brighter and less space. If you are thinking of decorate a kitchen, some tips to maximize space to the fullest.

When decorating a kitchen, keep in mind the importance of differentiating three rooms : living room and kitchen. Given this clear premise, it is easier to organize the three rooms.

decorate a kitchen

If the space that is small accounts, we recommend that you opt for very light colors. Ideally choose white color for kitchen furniture and beige tones for the living room. So you get greater feeling of spaciousness. See the article How to choose colors for painting a room. Continue reading How to decorate a kitchen

Decorated with Japanese style furniture

The Japanese style furniture is summarized in one word: Zen. The simplicity of the designs in the Japanese culture is starring with Japanese furniture decoration. They are thousands of years full of tradition influencing the architecture and interior design aesthetic, which makes the result in this type of interior decoration is very serene and culture.

The Japanese style decor always rotates at a clean, uncluttered life, where balance, order and love for the natural beauty are very important. Here I will talk about some very important things to consider if you want to decorate your home with Japanese furniture or any room in your house.

japanese style furniture

Nature elements

Japanese culture loves and respects nature and a way of doing decorating with Japanese furniture is having a strong connection to the natural world. Your furniture should reflect this along with other elements such as adding Japanese plants next to your furniture or above them. You can also consider bonsai and bamboo will give your home a very Japanese cultural touch. Continue reading Decorated with Japanese style furniture

Quick Tips to Buying Leather Furniture

Like other elements of home improvement, furniture is a great and important. Where to buy leather sofas is that now for you, you can easily online. When buying leather furniture, you should do your job the more you need to know not only your budget too.

Furniture should complement the style of the house. Contrary to popular belief, leather furniture is not just for the rich and famous; it is both beautiful and available when you can buy quality leather furniture. The following tips will help you take the best decision to buy the leather sofa. A consumer and not simply take the word of the owner of a furniture store!

leather furniture

Tip # 1: Leather furniture is known before considering certain degree; you must meet the certain standards. Full grain leather is more natural and high durability because it is considered desirable. In addition, full-grain aniline leather is not only regular, more it colors all the way. Continue reading Quick Tips to Buying Leather Furniture

Keys to decorate the living room

The living room is two areas that share the same room. Some environments that enliven the house, because when we receive visits these spaces are often the stars. Around them revolves family life, so we must decorate properly.

Need ideas to decorate the living room? In this article you will find some interesting clues that will help you take advantage of these environments furniture, colors, textiles and other tricks to show off living room.

decorate the living room

Draw a plan

Before decorating, we must consider the space and shape of the room to decide where to put the dining area and lounge. So it is advisable to draw on paper a plan to help us properly distribute the furniture and accessories. Continue reading Keys to decorate the living room

How to decorate a dark bedroom

Whether for your guidance, because of their small size or because they lack windows and are very small, one bedroom can be dark and therefore less hospitable.

If you have a room in your house so you can not miss today’s article; I’ll show the key decoration such dark bedroom, to shine with their own light and are pleasant despite not having well at first, with sufficient natural lighting. It is play with colors, textiles and furniture. Then I’ll tell you everything!

dark bedroom


Fundamental to decorate your bedroom is dark to go for light colors. White is the more light you will also visually expand the space, makes the ceiling seem higher, and reflects the light and, therefore, the room seem larger and more luminous. You can enter on the walls and ceilings, the windows, on textiles and even furniture. Nothing happens if you give a touch of color in some detail as a cushion, a photo frame… Continue reading How to decorate a dark bedroom

How to choose the best dining room furniture?

It is very likely that you are buying furniture for your dining now will stay with you for many years. In this article we give some tips on how to shop wisely so you can safely buy dining room furniture that works best for you and lasts long.

Be sure to measure your room before you start your search for new furniture. Do not forget you have to take into account the additional space you need to walk around the table and additional space to accommodate the chairs.

dining room furniture

Round tables usually work best in small dining areas, while longer, rectangular tables will be perfect for the biggest eaters. While you are thinking about the actual size of the dining table, make sure you also factor in the maximum number of people who will be sitting at the table. Large tables, for example, impersonal feel for small families. Continue reading How to choose the best dining room furniture?

Ideas to decorate rooms

The living room is the heart of any home and that should be a room that is spoiled decoratively speaking. In the lounge we like to spend our free time and also share it with our friends and family. Besides the living room of a home is the key point to make us feel good about ourselves, can convey calm, energy, joy … you see fit according to your personality and lifestyle.

But if you want to decorate your living room but you have no idea to decorate rooms, do not suffer because today I bring you some ideas for you to inspire you and your living room is attractive and beautifully every time you feel you’re in it. And your friends and family will also be delighted! Want to be inspired?

decorate rooms

Red and white

If you want a room with force you can paint the walls in red fire. It is a color full of strength that is perfectly balanced with furniture and white details. You can also combine it with gray sofas and decorative details in orange. An excellent combination to feel a great strength as you walks into your living room! Continue reading Ideas to decorate rooms

Solar lamps for outdoor lighting

The decoration of the exterior of the home is almost as important as the interior decoration of a house, especially when what is sought is comfort. And for this to happen must take into account not only the aesthetic factors or furniture, but also aspects of lighting. Outdoor areas outside the home should be of great importance it is that light is needed especially when the night stalking.

Outdoor lighting is a good idea, but if you also take into account the lighting also want to consider saving, then solar outdoor lighting lamps have to be a good option for you. But if you do not know which ones you should buy or what criteria you should follow to choose the best for you, then you have to keep reading to find out.

outdoor lighting

The use of your outdoor areas are a great way to unwind from everyday stress but have to use light to enjoy your outdoor area much better. But if you decide to use solar lights, are they really a good idea? Does it really work? Do many cables are required? Continue reading Solar lamps for outdoor lighting