Decoration with butterfly chairs

They have great personality and style. Are the butterfly chair, or chairs BKF as known to its original model, with leather and iron structure in the rest? Although later I’ll tell you some other versions of who and when this chair becomes so characteristic that, alone, in a wonderful decorative item is devised. Then we will better understand the world around the butterfly chairs. You come with me?

Various decorative styles

These chairs are introduced seamlessly into decorative styles as different as the Nordic or Scandinavian, in a house with air vintage or rustic or industrial environments. It fits so well because of its timeless design. If you want to put, for example, in a house decorated in Nordic style you can place over one shag carpet and very nice, with lots of cushions, and see how it fits in very naturally stay.

butterfly chairs

Perfect for indoor or outdoor

The butterfly chairs fill any space for themselves where to put. Even if you put a single design and personality make it a unique decorative element perfect for interior and exterior, with an air chill out makes them look wonderful decide where to place them. Continue reading Decoration with butterfly chairs

How to clean spaces between the tiles?

Have you already placed the tiles and the glue is dry? If so, you just need to do together. With a little sealing compound, a trowel and a scraper rubber tiling you end up in your soil or your wall as a professional. Have you already placed the tiles and the glue is dry? If so, you just need to do together. With a little sealing compound, a trowel and a rubber scraper tiling you end up in your soil or your wall as a professional.

cleaning tiles

Interest in having a nice together

There is no doubt that together form part of the aesthetic of tiling. But they also have a technical interest, since they ensure waterproofing. If you are not well made, water can penetrate and bring down the tiles. In addition, poorly covered grow old together wrong. Here are the reasons why these joints must perfect.

The products

Use specific products called “mortars or sealing compounds.” They are easy to use and guarantee high stability aspect of the joint during time. It is usually sold in powder; you must mix with water to obtain usable paste. Respect the amounts indicated in the product packaging to obtain a paste with the ideal consistency. Continue reading How to clean spaces between the tiles?

Tips to renovate your home decor

We all love to enjoy a beautiful, modern and renovated house without spending much money. How do we know that this can be quite difficult to materialize, we bring you 5 simple home decor tips and within reach of every pocket, that will change the face of your home, giving a personal and contemporary touch, without major investment.


  1. Make the most of the light: It is surprising how few small adjustments to the lighting can radically change any space. Therefore, I recommend clearing the windows to light between widely naturally. You might consider changing light curtains veils or perhaps do without them in the living or dining room. If still is not enough space and still dark, check how you can improve artificially lighting, placing some lamps or stronger light bulbs, to clarify environments.
  2. Ten just enough: often they lack style homes simply because they are crammed with things that really do not need and do not contribute in any way to the home decor. Our advice is to check room by room, considering our needs and functions of the spaces, and without anything that does not fit aesthetically or is not really useful. This “cleaning” not only clear the space, but also allow us to discover what the decorative line is and want to keep working.
  3. Beware of color: color can be our ally or our main enemy. Therefore, it is necessary to handle with care in perspective. If you are someone who cannot imagine your home without good strokes of color, we recommend you choose a maximum of two colors that complement or contrast, tinged with softer shades of the same palette. So you can have any color you need in harmonious and dynamic, with restraint and without exaggerating environments.

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